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Neck Lift: Before & After Transformation Case Study

Mini Incision Submental Neck Lift Procedure

Facelift: Before & After Case Study

Dr. Ackerman TV Spots

Boris M. Ackerman MD

Meet Dr. Ackerman and Facelift patient testimonial.

Vampire Facelift

I Want a Famous Face

This episode follows a young woman that underwent breast implant surgery, nose surgery and lip enlargement to look more like her celebrity ideal model, Britney Spears.

Extra TV Spot

A Los Angeles Laker Girl undergoes a breast augmentation surgery. See Dr. Ackerman help her transform her dreams into reality.

Discovery Channel

Watch a heartwarming story about how a Face Lift performed by Dr. Ackerman transformed a woman’s appearance and enhanced her self worth.

Inside Edition

This episode features a teenage girl that undergoes breast implant surgery. Dr. Ackerman discusses plastic surgery in teenage patients, and when a breast augmentation can be appropriate.

Wellness Hour

Learn about Dr. Ackerman’s amazing Fast Tract Face Lift, as he is being interviewed on the Wellness Hour.

Discovery Channel – Plastic Surgery: Bride & Groom

In this episode Dr. Ackerman operates on a bride and groom right before their wedding. They underwent rhinoplasty, liposuction, brow lift and laser resurfacing. See how they prepared for their wedding day with plastic surgery to achieve great confidence in their appearance.

Discovery Channel

Dr. Ackerman performs a face lift on a male patient. See how a successful businessman regains his youthful looks.

KCAL TV News Special

A woman treats herself to a Mother’s Day makeover. Dr. Ackerman performs a lower body rejuvenation procedure.

Discovery Channel

Dr. Ackerman is featured performing breast augmentation revision and breast symmetry surgery on a 34 Yr Old woman who has a right breast twice the size as her left breast.

Discovery Channel

In this episode a patient that underwent stomach bypass surgery and has large amount of extra skin, underwent body lift and tummy tuck. Dr. Ackerman explains how a post bariatric surgery patient can benefit from body contouring surgery.

Discovery Channel

Discovery Health presents male facial makeover by Dr Boris Ackerman

Entertainment Tonight

Dr. Boris Ackerman discusses celebrity plastic surgery on Entertainment Tonight.

Mommy Makeover

Mommy Makeover Newport Beach by Dr Boris Ackerman.

E Fat Transfer

Dr. Boris Ackerman

Boris M. Ackerman, M.D., Renown Plastic Surgeon and a Facelift Specialist

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Dr. Ackerman is voted “Best Facelift Doctors in Los Angeles”as determined by Cosmetic Town
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