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Vertical Facelift in Newport Beach

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There are several approaches when making significant cosmetic improvements to the face with facelift surgery (rhytidectomy). The term “Vertical Facelift” can mean different things to different plastic surgeons but primarily refers to the technique of lifting facial tissue upward, in a vertical vector, as opposed to horizontally.

Dr. Boris Ackerman is a board-certified plastic surgeon who uses the vertical vectoring in his technique of a Deep Plane Facelift. This approach provides more natural and long-lasting results for his facelift patients.

What Are the Benefits of a Vertical Facelift?

The vertical technique offers the following benefits for women and men:

  • Reverses the effects of aging
  • Avoids the tight, windswept appearance of older facelift techniques
  • Restores youthfulness without changing one’s unique aesthetic
  • Provides longer-lasting results

With this technique, Dr. Ackerman can look at a photo of his patient from decades ago, and tailor the surgery to recreate that younger appearance closely.

Am I a Candidate for a Vertical Facelift?

If you are in good health and concerned with facial laxity (sagging skin on the face, neck, jowls, etc.), you may be a good candidate for facelift surgery using the vertical technique.

This procedure is beneficial for older patients and can produce excellent results. However, patients must have realistic expectations.

Candidates should not smoke, and those who do will have to stop for about a month before and after their surgery.

What Is Discussed During My Vertical Facelift Consultation?

Your facelift is customized to meet your unique needs. During your consultation with Dr. Ackerman, he will obtain a complete medical history, listen carefully to your concerns, and explain this approach in-depth.

You can expect Dr. Ackerman to evaluate the condition of your skin and discuss the following aspects of this surgery during your meeting:

  • Your specific facelift goals
  • Your personalized treatment plan
  • Your surgical options
  • Complementary treatments or procedures to consider

If you decide to move forward with your vertical facelift, Dr. Ackerman will take some “before” photos.If you think you may be a candidate for a vertical facelift, contact Dr. Ackerman in Newport Beach, California, by calling (949) 759-3284.

How Can I Personalize My Vertical Facelift?

Every patient is different, and the beauty of the vertical facelift technique is that it is designed to restore a younger aesthetic rather than changing how you look altogether. Dr. Ackerman also has the expertise to create a younger appearance according to your specific desires.

The vertical technique is performed as part of a deep plane facelift, an outpatient procedure performed under anesthesia. You will be made comfortable and monitored for a few hours after your facelift surgery is completed and then sent home to begin the recovery phase.

How Does a Vertical Facelift Differ From a SMAS Facelift?

Using this facelift technique during a deep plane facelift allows Dr. Ackerman to reposition deep tissue structures to provide a longer-lasting and more natural look than the SMAS (superficial musculoaponeurotic system) technique.

The SMAS facelift relies more on stretching and tightening facial skin to achieve results. This approach can create a stretched or pulled look in the face.

In addition, the SMAS facelift is limited to the lower face, neglecting the midface. Dermal fillers or fat grafting are often necessary to restore youthful plumpness to the cheeks.

Because the deep plane facelift technique addresses the muscle and fat layers, it can reposition underlying structures, including the cheeks, and carries less risk of complications than a SMAS facelift.

Where Are Vertical Facelift Incisions Made?

Deep plane facelifts feature smaller incisions, and scars are hidden along the front and back of the ear and at the temple hairline. Dr. Ackerman uses small incisions and a technique of suturing in multiple layers to leave scars that are virtually undetectable.

Should I Combine My Vertical Facelift With Other Facial Procedures?

Most often, a neck lift is also needed with your facelift. Many patients choose to add eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) or a brow lift to remove excess skin and fat around the eyes for complete facial rejuvenation.

What Are Your Concerns?

What Will Recovery From My Vertical Facelift Be Like?

Recovery from a vertical facelift will involve some bruising and swelling for about two weeks but is usually less than a SMAS facelift. Pain medication can be prescribed, while cold compresses and head elevation are recommended.

Resting is your primary goal during these first two weeks, and by week six, you should be ready for the camera or a special event.

Is Vertical Facelift Surgery Painful?

You shouldn’t feel any discomfort during the procedure, and any pain experienced after your surgery can be managed with medication.

Will My Vertical Facelift Leave Scars?

As mentioned, scarring should be minimal. Because Dr. Ackerman incorporates this technique with a deep plane facelift, which lifts the skin and muscle together, no excessive tension is placed on the incision. This absence of tension allows for smaller, well-healed, and barely noticeable scars.

What Does a Vertical Facelift Cost in Newport Beach?

The cost of your vertical facelift will vary depending on the extent of your procedure and whether any additional surgery is being performed.

Dr. Ackerman’s office will provide you with an accurate cost estimate, including any additional fees for anesthesia and the facility during your consultation.

Frequently Asked Questions About Vertical Facelifts

When will I see my vertical facelift results?

You will notice a significant change immediately, with complete results visible in around one month.

Does a vertical facelift address the entire face?

When used as part of a deep plane facelift, the vertical technique will address tissues and muscles deep within the low to middle areas of the face, as opposed to the SMAS approach, which only addresses the lower face.

How should I prepare for a vertical facelift?

During your consultation, Dr.Ackerman will provide instructions on how to prepare for your surgery. These may include not smoking, limiting alcohol, and being well-rested. Be sure to wash your face well, and don’t wear makeup on the day of your procedure.

What are the risks associated with vertical facelift surgery?

All surgeries involve risks, and seeking a highly skilled and experienced cosmetic surgeon will reduce them. You must be diligent to avoid any post-procedure infection.

Is there a non-surgical alternative to a vertical facelift?

Today there are several alternatives for patients who desire a non-surgical solution to wrinkles or mild skin laxity. BOTOX® Cosmetic and laser skin resurfacing are popular and effective alternative treatments best for those in their 30s, 40s, and early 50s.

Ask your cosmetic surgeon about these non-invasive treatments if you prefer this approach to a surgical facelift. Non-invasive and minimally invasive treatments do not offer the same results as a surgical procedure, and these treatments will only work in patients with mild to moderate signs of aging.

Are my vertical facelift results permanent?

While practically nothing lasts forever, and the aging process will continue, the vertical deep plane facelift can last for decades with proper care.

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