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How to Achieve Natural Facelift Results

Posted March 12, 2019 in Facelift

Patients undergo facelift surgery in hopes of removing visible aging from the middle and lower regions of the face. When a facelift is performed by a talented and experienced plastic surgeon, the results can be quite remarkable, yet very natural. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon to see some people in public with tell-tale signs of a facelift and unnatural results. Even celebrities are not immune to suboptimal facelifts. Seeking out a facelift expert with an impeccable reputation goes a long way in assuring that the facelift results will be natural and beautiful.

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What Causes Unnatural Results?

Improper Skin Tightening

One of the tell-tale signs of a poorly performed facelift is a “windswept” appearance. This occurs when loose or excess skin is pulled in an unnatural direction or tightened too much. An experienced surgeon will not rely on skin tightening alone but will reposition and tighten the deeper layers of the skin for a dramatic, natural result. If only the skin is tightened, the resulting facial appearance is what many people picture when they think of a “bad” facelift. Instead of restoring natural youthfulness, this technique results in a “surprised” or “scared” look that is noticeably fake.

Improper Incision Placement

No matter how skilled your surgeon is, there is no way to perform facelift surgery without leaving scars. Scars form at all incision sites, so it is crucial that all incisions are placed in discreet locations so as not to tip your hand and reveal that you have had work done. Proper incisions for facelift surgery are created within the hairline and behind the ear. This way, the scars are hidden by your hair. Unfortunately, many surgeons choose to make the incision in front of the ear, bringing extra attention to the area. Placing incisions here also raises or eliminates the sideburns altogether. Sideburns are a natural occurrence, and the elimination of them is a sign of a poorly performed facelift.

Unbalanced Features

Nothing makes your facelift stand out more than when it sits above an aging neck. Aging occurs on the neck just as much as it does on the lower regions of the face. If your neck is showing signs of aging, like vertical banding or heavy jowls, ignoring it will make your facelift look unnatural one hundred percent of the time. Neck lift surgery is combined with a facelift to ensure balance between the two features.

Proper Facelift Techniques

Facial aging comes down to more than just the formation of wrinkles and fine lines. It involves the loss of elasticity in the skin, the loss of the facial fat, and the falling of underlying tissues. A surgeon cannot simply pull the skin taut and expect ideal results. This is why experienced surgeons like Dr. Ackerman address facial aging in layers. First, facial fat must be examined. Excess fat is removed for some patients while other patients benefit more from the repositioning and redistribution of fat. Facial fat is not a bad thing; instead, it is what creates youthful contours. Dr. Ackerman tailors his techniques to ensure that facial fat is returned to where it is most wanted. Once the fat is repositioned, facial muscles and tissues are lifted and sutured back into place. Excess skin is addressed after the fat and tissues are corrected. The skin is gently pulled in its natural direction without tightening it too much, which would eliminate the natural “give” of the skin. When the proper techniques are used, your facelift will provide subtle but dramatic, natural-looking results.

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