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As the focal feature of the face, the nose can beautify the face or cause facial disharmony, making the whole face appear unattractive. Improper size or certain unattractive nasal features can create a nose that is unbalanced compared to the rest of the face.

Dr. Ackerman is a rhinoplasty specialist with the highly developed artistic sense and impeccable surgical skills needed for nasal surgery. He can reshape your nasal appearance to restore a balanced and attractive look.

Dr. Ackerman provides his patients with a new nose that beautifully complements the rest of their features. The key to successful rhinoplasty surgery is a beautiful yet natural result.

Nose Surgery Can…

  • Reduce the size of the nose
  • Reshape the tip or bridge
  • Narrow the span of the nostrils
  • Improve the angle of the nose
  • Treat breathing obstructions
Rhinoplasty Patient Before Rhinoplasty Patient After

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Revision Rhinoplasty

Revision rhinoplasty is a more challenging procedure than the primary rhinoplasty. Dr. Ackerman is an experienced revision rhinoplasty surgeon who understands the unique needs of patients coming in for revisional surgery.

Developing Your Nose Surgery Treatment Plan

The consultation is an important step in developing your nasal treatment plan. Every patient has unique nasal issues that should be evaluated before a surgical plan is developed. Natural nose surgery results are achieved by Dr. Ackerman having a thorough understanding of your facial anatomy as well as having detailed knowledge of your features. During your evaluation, Dr. Ackerman determines:

  • Which aspects of your nose need alterations
  • How the new nose will fit your overall facial proportions
  • What functional breathing issues need to be addressed
Rhinoplasty Patient Before Rhinoplasty Patient After

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The Nose Surgery Process

Incision Techniques

Nose surgery can use one of two techniques—the open approach or the closed approach. An open approach places incisions outside, at the base of the nose. With a closed (endonasal) approach, there are no visible external incisions.

While most surgeons perform an open technique, Dr. Ackerman is an expert at the closed approach to rhinoplasty. This technique not only obviates the need for an external scar (that sometimes can be noticeable), but it can result in a more refined nasal tip.

Correct Breathing Obstructions

Deformities of the nose and nasal passages can cause obstructions that make breathing more difficult. During rhinoplasty, we can address and correct these malfunctions to restore more comfortable and proper breathing function.

Recovery Process

Most of our patients report only minimal to mild discomfort. You will experience some postoperative bruising and swelling. Dr. Ackerman does not use the deep nasal packing, which greatly decreases the postoperative discomfort. The nasal splint is worn for approximately one week.

Most patients are able to do office work within a few days, but due to the bruising and swelling, it can take up to 10 days before most patients look presentable to return to work. Some physical exercise is allowed after two weeks, while the return to full exercise can take at least a month.

To schedule a rhinoplasty consultation with Dr. Ackerman, our board-certified plastic surgeon, call our office at 949-536-9047 or contact us online.

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