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The Daddy Makeover on the Rise

Posted August 13, 2015 in Body Contouring

For many men in Southern California, getting that defined chest and defined abs is simply a goal they will never accomplish at the gym no matter how hard they try.  Having a defined chest and abdomen most men can only dream about, and some spend countless hours at the gym but simply can’t accomplish this goal.  There are various factors prohibiting men from accomplishing this goal at the gym like genetics, hormonal imbalances, and drug use.

More than half of all males are troubled with gynecomastia or man boobs.  Newport Beach plastic surgeon Dr. Ackerman says, “the male population over the past decade, has become more open to cosmetic surgery procedures and male breast reduction combined with abdomen liposuction is on the rise”.  According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) nearly 23,000 males underwent gynecomastia surgery last year a 11 percent rise from the year before.

What is Gynecomastia?

Typically Gynecomastia occurs when fat deposits and excess glandular tissue accumulate in the breast area.  This condition unfortunately can’t be treated at the gym with cardio and weight-lifting, many men that are athletic and lean still suffer from this condition, as you can see in our male breast reduction before and after pictures.  This condition causes a lot of embarrassment for men especially here in Southern California where summer never seems to end, and going shirtless can cause anxiety for many men.

What is the Daddy Makeover?

The Daddy Makeover is very much like the Mommy  Makeover, we are simply defining the abdomen region with liposuction and performing male breast reduction giving men a more defined and youthful body.

Am I a Candidate for Daddy Makeover?

This procedure is very helpful if you are experiencing the following:

  • Enlarged saggy  breasts that cause embarrassment
  • Experiencing physical pain in the breasts
  • Are within 40 pounds of your ideal weight
  • Have trouble fatty deposits in the torso area
  • Diet and exercise are having no impact to decrease fatty tissue in abs and breasts

How is the procedure performed?

Male Breast Reduction surgery is performed using liposuction surgery.  The patient is put under local anesthesia and tiny incisions are made underneath the folds of the breast and abdomen area.  A tiny cannula is inserted under the skin and moved back and forth separating the fat cells from other tissues.  The fat is then vacuumed out and the incisions are closed.

Male Breast Reduction and Liposuction are very safe procedures that Dr. Ackerman performs on a regular basis for men of all ages.

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