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Should I Get Plastic Surgery?

Posted May 19, 2015 in Uncategorized

1375068906008Should I get plastic surgery? Yes – it will make you happier and more likable by others! For most, appearance is very important. We want to look and feel younger. As a cosmetic surgeon in Newport Beach, CA, I know first hand that after working with a patient and rejuvenating their appearance they are happier. The reason? While your appearance is important to you, the way we look impacts how others perceive us. And, while this might sound a bit superficial, it has been discovered that your likeability increases when others think you are attractive.

When others like you, you are happier. Now, it is really important to not hang your likability hat on being beautiful. But in your personal and professional life you should care about how you are perceived.

Having a facelift to give yourself a more youthful look, getting rid of the bags under your eyes, or even just starting with a bit of botox can have a dramatic effect on your appearance making you more attractive and…well…more likable.

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