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Mini Facelift Look Ten Years Younger in One Weekend

Posted December 07, 2015 in Facelift

Doctor Ackerman a Newport Beach plastic surgeon that specializes in facial procedures is reporting that the mini-facelift surgery is one of the most sought after procedure he is performing at his Newport Beach Plastic Surgery Center. Chief among the advantages of this procedure is the fact that it is minimally invasive, and requires only a local anesthetic, so that the patient is not unconscious and is generally aware of what’s happening.

After the recovery period however, the benefits can be downright amazing. You can look literally a decade younger than before the mini-facelift, with useful definition restored to your chin, jaw, and lower facial area, and previously sagging skin tightened up. You’ll simply see a much better version of you in the mirror each morning.

The mini-facelift procedure

mini fl before and after1The process begins by consulting with an experienced facial plastic surgeon preferably a plastic surgeon with a lot of facial surgery experience. During this time, you and your doctor will discuss what you are hoping to achieve, as well as how that will be accomplished. In most cases, tiny incisions placed around the ears can be used to tighten and remove excess tissue. Sometimes incisions are also concealed within natural facial contours or within the hairline, thus invisible to others. In any case, this consultation with your doctor will include a thorough explanation of everything involved in the procedure, so you know exactly what to expect and can prepare yourself for it.

Sometimes your doctor will recommend a pre-surgical protocol which will promote optimum healing, and recovery following the surgery. This kind of program will generally involve the usage of special surgical soap, possibly a few prescriptions, appropriate skincare, and taking certain vitamins and homeopathic remedies.

mini fl before and after3Many mini-facelift procedures can be completed within just a few hours, since they most frequently involve only the lower third of your face and neck. Because this is minor surgery, there will be far less swelling, bruising, and tenderness than there might be from more extensive facelift surgery. A local anesthetic will ensure that you feel no pain or discomfort during the process, and that you’re alert enough to provide feedback to your doctor if necessary.

Lasting benefits

Post-operative care includes several visits to your doctor to assess results, ensuring that optimum healing occurs, and that the desired objectives of the mini-facelift have been achieved. The really wonderful thing about a mini-facelift procedure is that the vastly improved appearance of your face can provide a tremendous boost of self-confidence in your attitude, and this can have a significant impact on your quality of life.

The effects of the mini-facelift are permanent – you will not need periodic rework to maintain the benefits achieved by the surgery. Knowing that you look so much better will make you feel much better as well, and this can be a very pleasant springboard to your future.

Dr. Ackerman is highly acclaimed for his expertise and talent in facial rejuvenation surgery, advanced body contouring surgery and breast surgery. He has brought forth improved techniques in facial surgery using endoscopy and laser technology.

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